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About the Baddeley Brothers PDF Mood Board Builder

What is the Mood board Builder tool?

The PDF Mood board builder allows you to select print processes or products you’re interested in to add and export in PDF format.  You can send or save the PDF as you see fit.


Why should you use this tool?

This tool has been designed to provide individuals with the ability to add products and printing techniques to a personalised PDF that can then later be referred to when designing or ordering items. You can add a different range of print techniques to a document to show off the techniques, or you may add a  selection of images to a document to show off the high quality effects that can be achieved.


How does it work?

The Mood board works by allowing you to add multiple products and processes from around the site by just clicking a single button, which can be found on specific and product technique pages. On clicking the Add to PDF button the print technique or product added to your PDF Mood board that you could later download.  If you forget to export your PDF before leaving the website we will remind you before you go.


What are the benefits of using this tool?

This tool provides users with the facility to:

  • Keep all your favourite ideas in one document
  • Compare ideas from the entire website in one document
  • Never lose or forget an idea you like again
  • You can create multiple Mood boards for different projects
  • Print off and show others the ideas you have found.


How to create your Mood board

Once you have added all your required items to the Mood board, you will need to create it – you just need to press Export PDF. A box will appear asking for some general information of yours including an email address. Complete this form and once it is submitted the Mood board will be emailed straight over to the email address you provided.



Here are some quick tips for using this tool:


  • Add all the ideas that you like, there is no space limit
  • Don’t forget to add both printing techniques and product ideas
  • Save the Mood board PDF to your computer so you can refer back to it whenever you need to. If you forget to save it, you can still access it by opening the email the link was originally included in
  • When creating your Mood board, ensure you complete the fields with your most recent email address and information, as this is how you will receive your Mood board.
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