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Drum-roll please...

April 2016

Baddeley Brothers’ critically acclaimed book has won a prestigious Drum Design Award for Best Print Design; a remarkable recognition from the UK’s best designers.

Drum-roll of honour for the Baddeley Brothers book

April 2016

Baddeley Brothers’ critically acclaimed book has been shortlisted for two Drum Design Awards, which recognise the industry’s best design feats of the year. One of just four nominations for Best Print Design, and similarly for Best Editorial Design, this is remarkable recognition for the high calibre  contributions made by each of the great designers and creatives who collaborated in the making of the book.

David Pearson Heads Up A-list Collaboration For Baddeley Brothers Book

October 2015

Spitalfields Life Books is launching a tribute to British design and print techniques, with words by The Gentle Author, on 15 October 2015.

Designer and typographer David Pearson leads a stellar cast of contributors for the latest book by the Gentle Author, which chronicles the fascinating story of six generations of the specialist printers, Baddeley Brothers.

A Beautiful Tie-Up

April 2015


There was a natural connection between the quintessentially stylish Willow & Warson and Baddeley Brothers. A mutual appreciation of craftsmanship and dedication to detail that made this project special. Almost as special as the wooden bow ties and unique accessories that are hand-carved in Willow & Warson’s Devon workshop.

Founders Tim Brenninkmeijer and Theo Andrews were looking at ways to enhance the packaging for their bespoke accessories, which are often gifted, so they could make the experience of opening one as memorable as possible. By adding extra layers within the packaging, they found they could heighten the recipient’s anticipation and delight. One of these layers was to be a branded note, personalised and signed by the craftsman who created the accessory.

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