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A Beautiful Tie-Up

April 2015


There was a natural connection between the quintessentially stylish Willow & Warson and Baddeley Brothers. A mutual appreciation of craftsmanship and dedication to detail that made this project special. Almost as special as the wooden bow ties and unique accessories that are hand-carved in Willow & Warson’s Devon workshop.

Founders Tim Brenninkmeijer and Theo Andrews were looking at ways to enhance the packaging for their bespoke accessories, which are often gifted, so they could make the experience of opening one as memorable as possible. By adding extra layers within the packaging, they found they could heighten the recipient’s anticipation and delight. One of these layers was to be a branded note, personalised and signed by the craftsman who created the accessory.


Foil in Fashion

November 2014


For fans of progressive menswear designer Sebastiaan Pieter, his clothes are a statement. So too, is his stationery. While there’s nothing conventional about Sebastiaan’s tailoring, he is known in London and New York for re-fashioning traditional materials and methods – which is something which he was keen to encapsulate in his packaging and letterhead.

At the door of Baddeley Brothers, he found a factory filled with traditional tools being used in exciting, contemporary ways. Working with Marilyn Baker, a design student at the Chelsea School of Arts, he commissioned two bespoke envelopes to enclose his gloves and jumpers as well as a letterhead.


Citrone or mandarin?

April 2014


Baddeley Brothers | Wallpaper Invites

When a VIP invitation to the Wallpaper* Handmade exhibition launch in Milan lands on your lap, it’s difficult to forget that frisson of excitement as you lift the blind-embossed flap of the handmade envelope and feel the exquisite letterpress spelling out your invite to the design world’s premier celebration of craftsmanship.

There was added excitement this year for the VIPs whose duplexed invites sported a light, bright mandarin interior, indicating access to a special preview of the exhibition before the official launch. Invites to the launch alone, were adorned in citrone.


Slime Green Envelopes for Venice in Peril

February 2014


When Venetian restoration project, Venice in Peril wanted to promote their work and raise awareness of the historic city’s decay due to algae, they turned to Baddeley Brothers.

The company created bespoke C5 wallet envelopes, with peel and stick flaps, using special 120gsm paper that had been created using a blend of paper and green algae taken from the Venetian lagoon. They were used to send out details of the project, the condition of the precarious monuments and the work and funding needed to restore them.

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