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At Baddeley Brothers, we believe there is no credible substitute for engraved stationery, whether it be for business or personal use. It makes a real statement of quality and integrity.


Just as you have a feel for the right kind of message, Baddeley Brothers have a feel for the right way to present it. This can begin with the letterforms, colours and tones – but it ends in the way the ink is applied, and the texture and weight of the paper.

The material you print has to stand in for person to person communication. Denied the senses of sound, movement and smell, the printed word can compensate with tactile materials that people will feel as well as read. It starts as soon as you have the envelope in your hand, perhaps embossed or with a vivid tissue lining to give some hint of the character of the contents.

Where others print in two dimensions, we can print in three – through die-stamping, embossing, letterpress, foil blocking, engraving and thermography. Combine this with imaginative papers, fine lithography and letterpress printing - along with finishing touches like gilt edges, and your letter or literature will be unforgettable.


Through the use of steel or copperplates your letterhead will convey an authority and distinction dificult to achieve with more modern printing methods. In fact these methods can themselves benefit by being skilfully combined with engraving. Such combination is also a formula for cost-effective flexibility: the engraving die for a logo, for instance, can be re-used when your address, printed in litho, has to be altered.

The inherent value, credibility or sensitivity of many documents means that people may try to counterfeit them – and digital copiers make it easier than ever. Specialist printing techniques like engraving and embossing are difficult to copy or counterfeit. They have an inherent authority, but they also provide a mark of authenticity and protection.

We take equal pride in our creative and project management skills – so if you don’t have the time to attend to every detail, we’ll do precisely that on your behalf. Timing, cost control and quality will be our benchmarks.

In short, no-one else can help to refine your ideas, provide the project management skills and supply such a range of imaginative print techniques and impressive envelopes under one roof.


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